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„At Quehenberger there are numerous career opportunities for employees in an international environment.“

Katrin Herzog, Quality Specialist
  • How long have you been active in the company?
    I have been working with the AUGUSTIN QUEHENBERGER GROUP since 2011.
  • In which position did you get started with Quehenberger? In which position are you now?
    I started my career with Quehenberger as apprentice in office administration.One year after having completed my apprenticeship, I proceeded to work in Quality Management, now I am working here as Quality Specialist.
  • What do you like about your job?
    I like most the varied work and the accuracy, which is very important. Generally speaking, I like everything very much in my current job.
  • What do you value in your work environment?
    In particular, I highly value my boss. She is great. If I have got questions, she will always take the time to answer them.
  • How did Quehenberger support you in your personal and professional further development?
    Quehenberger has supported me in my personal and professional life. I worked and at the same time I passed my High School graduation, and my employer fully supported me. Due to my new job, I have become more independent and I have gained more self-confidence.
  • Is there somebody who particularly promoted you?
    When I looked for a new challenge, HR assisted me in finding an alternative job in the company. I am grateful for this new chance in a new division of the company, although at first, I did not have any special knowledge in Quality Management.
  • Is there a personal highlight, you would like to share with us?
    One of my personal highlights was the exhibition in Europark at the “Walk of Lehre“. I was portrayed on a big poster – it was a great honour for me!
  • Why would you recommend Quehenberger as employer?
    I would definitely recommend Quehenberger because there are numerous career opportunities for the employees in an international environment.