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Start as apprentice or trainee with Quehenberger Logistics

An apprenticeship and vocational training provides many opportunities. If you have the necessary skills such as commitment, dilligence, and the willingness to attend continuous vocational training, you will have excellent opportunities with Quehenberger Logistics.

  • You’ll get a solid vocational training due to regular job rotation in the company.
  • You’ll benefit from our comprehensive Onboarding Program.
  • You may introduce new ideas and work in a competent team.
  • We offer an in-house Young Generation Program for all apprentices and trainees.
  • We’ll promote you and we intend to offer you an employment after completion of your apprenticeship. More than 95 percent of all apprentices stay with Quehenberger Logistics.
  • We grant bonus payments for apprentices who passed vocational school with distinction.
  • Our Mobility Program provides the opportunity to get to know other company locations, for example in Germany, Austria, Spain. If you are eligible for an Erasmus Scholarship, you will be able to go abroad to neighbouring countries.
  • Your apprenticeship may be the gateway to an exciting professional future.

„At Quehenberger there are numerous career opportunities for employees in an international environment.“

Katrin Herzog, Quality Specialist

Success stories

For example, there is ...

  • a former trainee for office administration who is working now in Quality Management and is continuously attending advanced trainings.
  • a former apprentice as freight forwarding agent who has worked his way up to become Department Manager, and additionally has become Apprentice Advisor at the location.
  • another former apprentice as freight forwarding agent who was promoted to the job of Dispatcher, then Team Leader and later on to Location Manager.

Apprenticeships with Quehenberger Logistics

You want to get started, but you do not know how? Here you’ll find everything you need to know concerning a potential apprenticeship in the logistics sector.

Freight forwarding agent (m/f)

Freight forwarding agent (m/f)

You’ll handle worldwide transports, plan the ideal route, and combine and schedule shipments: this apprenticeship is your starting point in logistics! You’ll have customer contact, elaborate offers, and you get to know warehouse and customs.

Automotive Engineer (m/f)

Automotive Engineer (m/f)

You learn to repair trucks and trailers of our fleet, to deal with computer-controlled diagnostic tools, perform service and maintenance, measurements of pollutants, brake control, and how to change tyres. It works out for you!

Office Administrator (m/f)

Office Administrator (m/f)

You’ll get familiar with accounting and you learn all about balance sheets. Your tasks include: invoice posting, reconciliation of accounts, and cash transactions. With this apprenticeship, the equation adds up – for you!

Training for Apprentices and Trainees

Where does Quehenberger Logistics offer training vacancies for apprentices and trainees?



  • Enns
  • Fürnitz
  • Graz
  • Innsbruck
  • Linz
  • Radfeld
  • Salzburg
  • St. Michael
  • Straßwalchen
  • Vienna
  • Wels
  • Wörgl
  • Wolfurt


  • Dormagen
  • Hamburg
  • Weiterstadt


  • Barcelona

FAQ for apprentices and trainees

Here you’ll find everything you need to know concerning your apprenticeship with Quehenberger Logistics. If you have got further questions, please, feel free to contact us at any time.


Which application documents do I need?

Please, send us your complete application documents: a letter of motivation, explaining why you apply and why you have opted for our company, your CV, and the latest school certficate.

When can I start my apprenticeship or vocational training, respectively?

Beginning of August and beginning of February or March, resp.

I have dropped out of school, and my grades aren’t that good. Nevertheless, does it make sense to apply?

For us it is important that you show commitment, dilligence, the willingness to learn the job, and that your are interested in logistics. We are impressed, if it is evident that you have a keen interest in the logisttics sector.

After my High School graduation (AT: Matura, D: Abitur), I would like to apply additionally for a vocational training.

We have to check the respective opportunities. For instance, it is not possible to start an apprenticeship as office administrator after having successfully finished a HAK. However, generally speaking it is possible to start a shortened apprenticeship period after High School graduation. School learning contents will be credited. In effect, in case of a vocational training, one year will be credited. In case of a non-specific vocational graduation, you are entitled to finish the apprenticeship based on an 8-month-model.

Are there elder apprentices and trainees in the company?

Of course! Some dropouts look upon an apprenticeship as a real chance to get started again. In Germany, a vocational training after High School graduation is a good starting point in order to increase one’s chances on the job market.

Is there a chance in Austria to finish an apprenticeship with a High School certificate?

Under certain conditions it is possible. You need an excellent performance in vocational school and at work.

Is there a chance in Germany to attend a dual course of studies?

Yes, at some of our locations it is possible. That’s an advantage for both sides. We are pleased, if you work on various projects and contribute fresh ideas. At the same time, we offer counselling and practical background knowledge.

Do you offer days of practical work experience?

Yes, during the selection process or just to get some orientation whether this might be the right job for you. A pre-condition is an insurance, arranged through school, the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS), or the vocational information centre of the Chamber of Commerce in Vienna.

Where can I get more information on the job?

You may contact our coordinator for apprentices or you can visit us at our stand at a fair. Write us an e-mail or contact us on facebook. Your school or the information centres of the Chamber of Commerce and the Austrian Chamber of Labour will also provide some useful information on the job. We recommend that you take the test on professional interests.

Is it possible to get to know different departments during my vocational training?

All our apprentices and trainees take part in job rotation programs in our company: they work in various different departments and in some cases they even move to another location in order to see the wide range of services and the diversity of the logistics sector. Of course, we consider the individual needs and requirements of the respective person (driving licence, accessibility, travel routes and – time, etc.)

Is it possible to go abroad during the vocational training?

Yes, we offer an in-house Mobility Program, which provides an opportunity to get to know other locations and departments. Under certain circumstances, you can join an Erasmus –/exchange program.

Who should I contact, if I need support during the vocational training?

In our head office, our Training Managers and our Coordinating Trainers are always ready to advise and support you. Your Training Instructor and your Training Manager are available on site, even the Branch Manager will take the time to meet with you.

Where is the vocational school located?

This depends on the location.

Do I have to attend a boarding school?

At two locations of Austrian vocational schools, in Mitterdorf (Styria) and Braunau am Inn (Upper Austria), there are boarding schools. Due to supervisory duties, minor apprentices are accommodated in a boarding school.

How can I further develop after the vocational training?

By means of individual promotion and participation in further in-house training programs at Quehenberger.

Do I have (career) opportunities in the company after the vocational training?

Our aim is to employ the apprentices and trainees, and we are successful in doing so. More than 95 percent get an employment in our company. In case of adequate commitment, everything is possible, even a promotion to become Branch Manager.

How is the selection process?

You send us your application, we check the documents and then we invite you to take part in the test. If you do well in the test, we will ask you for a personal interview, and you get the opportunity to have some taster days.

How should I prepare myself for this personal interview?

Inform yourself about the company. What do we do? Where are we located? Which services do we offer? How do we do business? In which media are we present? Do you know somebody, a friend, or a family member with a similar profession? What does he or she tell you about it?